1000 Square Foot House | DIY – Blueprints

1000 square foot house plans includes DIY instructions and floor plan. This covers the entire process. You can break your project into stages. There are stopping points when the house will be alright sitting idle for periods of time. A perfect design that can be easily modified to fit your individual preferences.

1000 Square Foot House Instructions

Contact your local building inspections office and find out the requirements for getting a building permit. More often than not, you will need a floor plan and a cross section of the framing detail; both of which are included here.

Decide on a location for the house and clear off the area down to fresh earth.

Then first step for this project is the footing. This is a small house that does not have any long spans or any significantly heavy areas to it. Save money whenever possible.

Make the foundation as short as possible. There is no sense in wasting a course of blocks.

This is a good stopping point. In other words, there are points in time during the construction process when you would not be advised to pause the project; this is not one of them.


Frame the house. This will include windows and exterior doors. Use only the materials called for. Do not oversize anything. Stick with the game plan. Now is not the time for changes.

Roof the house. Use 25 – 30 year dimensional shingles; nothing else!

Now is another stopping point. From here out, the project can be put on hold at just about any time.


Do the exterior siding next. T111 is a great choice and fits this house very well. This like most of the rest of the project is perfect for the do it yourself-er. Paint the house immediately.

Do the rough -ins for the plumbing and electrical. Once they have been inspected, insulate the walls.

Hang the drywall and finish it. The rest of the project can be coordinated however you like. One room at a time is a good method for the less experienced.

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1000 Square Foot House