30 x 50 General Purpose Agriculture Pole Building

30 x 50 general purpose agricultural pole building with open face design. Economical post frame construction. Versatile, inexpensive, and easy to build. Build for around $5.00 per square foot depending on location and cost of materials.

30 x 50 Agricultural Building

Lay out the post on 10′ center and 3″ less than the overall measurements.

Dig the holes at least 16″ x 36″.

Set the posts and brace them off.

Pour premixed concrete around them.

Establish a level mark and layout the posts for 24″ center wall girts and the top roof beam.

Run the 2 x 4 girts with three 16d nails on each end.

Run the 2 x 10 roof beams with five 16d nails on each end.

Run a 2 x 4 top plate over the roof beam and lay it out on 24″ center.

Set the trusses and brace them off.

Run two 40″ X braces at the top of each post (from post to roof beam).

Run the roof 2 x 4 roof battens on 24″ center.

Lay the metal roofing and ridge cap.

Run the metal siding on the walls and the gables.

Don’t forget to leave the girts and metal siding off one end.

30 x 50 Agricultural Building

The beauty of this 30 x 50 agricultural pole barn is that it can be used for anything. It can also change its purpose with little or no effort.