Advanced Construction Techniques

Construction techniques are mini guides to all kinds of different construction processes. Things like rafter cutting instructions and how to build a barn door.

Advanced Construction Techniques

Workplace Safety Concerns  is priority number one. These safety precautions and preparations help reduce the risk of injury or legal issues.

Roof Rafters are sloping beams that support the weight of a roof. Detailed instructions and images for laying out, sawing, and installing.

Barn Loft | Floor Construction includes images of framing details from different perspectives. This approach works for any building.

How to Install Metal Roof details laying thin gauge steel roofing for any building. This guide includes images of which side laps and where to put your screws.

Build a Shed Ramp with these simple instructions if you will be rolling tools or equipment in and out of your building.

DIY Barn Door includes step by step instructions and images for building any size barn door from wood or metal. Information on hinges and latches.

Workshop Insulation Details includes attic and loft insulation guide along with wall and rafter instructions. Make a 50% difference immediately.

Safe Scaffold Erection Made Easy details how to erect a safe scaffold in minutes with these easy instructions. Made from 2 x 4’s, these super duty “arms” are great for most projects.

Build a Sawhorse Set includes instructions and blueprints for a commercial quality set just like the ones used by professional framing contractors. Built with 2 x 4′s in about an hour.

Learn How to Read Floor Plans Guide A floor plan is a scaled down image representing the layout for the walls in a building. It also has the placements for the windows and doors.

Learn How to Safely Raise Long Post with a few people. This example focuses on a 6 X 6 X 24′ treated pine. It describes how three people can stand it.

Learn How to Quickly Calculate the General Cost of a Concrete Slab. Easy to use for anyone with basic math skills. Includes preparation considerations.

DIY Skylight Repair Removal. Learn how to quickly fix or completely remove a leaking skylight. These easy to follow DIY instructions include a quick patching technique to stop leaks.

Learn How to Safely Demolish a Wall with this free DIY guide. These are step by step instructions for easily removing conventionally framed walls.