Best Wall Insulation for Houses

Explore popular wall insulating materials and learn which ones are DIY, which one insulate the best, and which one provides the best overall value.

Recycled Newspaper

New developments in installation techniques allow recycled newspaper to be used in new homes. The shredded paper is treated with just enough starch for it to hold itself together long enough to be covered with drywall. This process is typically done by professionals only.

The tradition method of boring a hole in a non-insulated wall and using a machine to blow recycled newspaper into each cavity is a tried and proven way to insulate walls. This method is really the only way to go if the walls are simply void of insulation. It is a very popular DIY project.

The process is simple. Check for existing insulation. Remove a light switch or plug cover and probe beside of them. Bore a small a hole as possible with a hole saw between each stud cavity. The hole needs to be big enough for the hose on the insulation machine. The hole needs to be as high up on the wall as it can go. Ideally a large piece of crown mould will be there for removal to make the patch work much easier. Be sure to save the “holes”. Fill each cavity to its maximum capacity. Screw float blocks with two screws to the back side of each hole and and replace them. Refinish as necessary.

Fiberglass Bat Insulation

Fiberglass bat insulation comes in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses. It is easy to install and does not make a big mess. It provides quality R-value and is a great DIY project. It is much cheaper than other forms of insulation. For new wall construction, it the best way to go.

The installation process is simple and does not create a huge mess. Measure and cut the bats to length and tack them in place with a staple gun. That is all there is to it!

Foam Insulation

Spray foam and other high tech materials have higher R-values and cut out more sound. There problem is there cost. It takes a while to save enough on energy bills to pay the cost difference in using them over bat insulation. They will provide savings however. These products are well worth further investigation.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to insulate on old wall is to blow in recycled newspaper. The best way to insulate a new wall on a budget is with fiberglass bat insulation. The best way to insulate anything is with spray foam if it does not matter that the initial investment is a little more. It is that simple.