Bike Storage Shed | Instructions – Blueprints

Learn how to build a storage shed perfect for any motorcycle or ATV. This simple DIY design is rugged, cheap, and easy to build. Includes blueprints and instructions.

Post and Beam Storage Shed Instructions

Set up batter boards to lay out for the post or use any other effective lay out method. Drill or dig the holes at least ten inches in diameter and two feet deep. Stand the posts in the holes and brace with two braces each. Pour concrete around them and allow them set overnight.

Use a straight twelve foot two by four to establish a level mark if it was not done with the batter boards. From this mark make the top of the slab three inches lower on the side with the door. In situations where the budget is low, the slab is not absolutely necessary at this point. It can be added at any time down the road.

Use the level mark to establish the top of the two by eight roof beam. The high shed wall needs to be at least four inches higher than the low shed wall. Either of the long walls will work for the high shed wall. From this mark lay out the post for the wall girts on two feet center. Nail on the roof beams and the two by four wall girts. Use a two by top plate on the roof beam. Lay out the roof beams on two feet center for the rafters. At this point the roof beam on the low shed wall should be at least four inches lower than the roof beam on the high shed wall.

Nail on the two by four rafters. make them 1 1/2″ short on each end for a rim board. Strip the rafters with one by four roof battens on two feet centers. Set the door. Install the metal roofing and siding. Use corner pieces where the roof metal meets the wall metal.

Post Lay Out for Motorcycle Storage Shed

The dimensions on the length and width can be reduced as desired.

The dimensions on the length and width can be reduced as desired.