10 x 20 Pavilion Plans | Instructions – Blueprints

Learn how to build a pavilion with these simple DIY instructions and free blueprints. These plans for a 10 x 20 pavilion also work well for other popular sizes.

Build a Pavilion Step by Step

Pavilions are great for sheltering outdoor activities from the elements. With proper planning they are also useful for a great many other uses or can be transformed at any time into practically anything. See closing in a carport for more details.

Choose a location for the pavilion. Make sure to follow property setbacks and stay away from power lines and underground utilities. Be sure to callĀ 811 before you dig. Get any building permits necessary in hand before starting the project. Included on this page is a cross section of the framing detail acceptable by most inspectors.

Post setting techniques describes laying out, standing and bracing the post. Establish a level mark for reference on each post and cut the posts to length. Use 6 x 6 for greater strength and wind resistance.

Nail on the 2 x 12 roof beams flush with the top of the posts. Cap them with a 2 x 4 top plate. Lay out the top plate on 24″ center.

Use 2 x 6 x 10 for the ceiling joists and 2 x 6 x 8 for the rafters. See roof rafters for more detail. Use 5/8″ decking for shingles or use 1 x 4’s on two feet center for metal roofing.

Do not forget the “X” braces. They are critical for the building to have resistance to the wind. Without them the concrete around the post supports the entire building against swaying.

Pavilion Framing Cross Section

Cross Section Pavilion