Build a Duplex House | Instructions – Planning

Build a Duplex House – Objective

Build a Duplex House includes detailed instructions and a diagram for the party wall. Use this guide and let the rent from one side pay for the mortgage.

How to Build a Duplex House

The steps necessary for building a duplex are exactly the same as the ones used when building a house. It all starts with property. The property must meet the local zoning specifications or none of this is applicable. A building permit is mandatory foe most counties in the U.S. Often the building inspections office requires a floor plan and a cross section of the framing detail. It is also necessary to establish the required plan for waste disposal whether it be a septic tank or a connection to a sewer system. Once all of theses preparations have been met, then it is time to break ground on the duplex project.

The first step in the construction process is to build a footing. This job is better left to professionals. It requires advanced leveling tools and a back hoe at the least. Once the footing has been properly installed, then it is time for the foundation. The most practical approach for building a foundation is to hire a block layer to build the foundation from 8″ blocks with a hewn finish on one side. Next is the framing. The framing is the skeleton of the house. It is very important for a quality job here. This is the actual structure of the house, everything will rely on it. The framer is also responsible for building the party wall the separates the two halves of the duplex. As as possible during the framing process, the roofing contractor should start. This means having already lined up the contractor. Do not wait until the last minute on this. It will be difficult at best to get someone reliable to roof the duplex at a moments notice.

Once the framing is completed and the roofers are gone, then get the rough in plumbing and electric done. These are areas often tackled by the experienced do it yourselfer. Beware; these services are more complicated than they may appear. Use fiberglass batten insulation for the walls. This is a good project for even the most inexperienced of do it yourself builders. Be sure to check the prices for the cost of hiring it out versus the price of doing it yourself because the price difference may be surprising.

Next comes the drywall. Hanging and finishing are sometimes done by different crews. Once the drywall is finished it is time for the interior doors. This will be done by the trim carpenters. Next follows the rest of the trim; baseboard, windows, and anything else needing trimming. The cabinets can be installed at any time now. Move on to the painting. The paint job will be noticed before any other aspect of the duplex’s construction. a good job here is critical. The plumbing and electrical fixtures need installing now. The flooring finishes things up on the inside.

The exterior of the duplex can be worked on simultaneously with the inside. Use siding if possible and keep the decks to a minimum. Do the yard work and the driveway. We hope you good luck with your duplex house project.

Duplex House Party Wall

Duplex House Party Wall