Build a Post and Beam Spray Paint Booth

Learn how to build a spray paint booth with post and beam construction. Super efficient and easy design is cheap to build and has ultra low dust levels.

Instructions to Build a Spray Paint Booth

  • Use batter boards to lay out the post holes or use any other familiar layout technique.
  • Mark them with orange marking paint.
  • Dig or drill them at least nine inches in diameter and two feet deep.
  • Stand the four by four posts in the holes.
  • Brace them with with two ten foot two by fours on each post (one for each axis).
  • Plumb the posts and use nails or screws to attach the braces to stakes.
  • The rough opening for the garage door relies exclusively on the spacing of the posts on the door wall.  Eight feet in between the post is critical.
  • Pour concrete around the posts. Be sure to properly mix the concrete. Do not pour it in dry.
  • Establish a level mark on each post. A straight ten foot two by four and a four foot level works great for this.
  • Adjust the level marks to compensate for the high and low shed walls. Make the low shed wall about seven feet tall. The roof needs at least one foot of fall. Make the high shed wall at least a foot taller than the low shed wall.
  • Nail on the two by eight roof beam beams and the two by four wall girts.
  • Nail on a two by four top plate for the rafters to have a little more to nail to.
  • Lay out the top plate on two foot center.
  • Nail on the two by six rafters.
  • Nail on one by fours two feet apart for the roof battens.
  • Pour the concrete slab.
  • Lay the metal roofing and siding.
  • Install the garage door or build one using a two by four frame, an “X” brace, and metal roofing on both sides.
  • Run two by four wall girts on the inside of the walls and one by fours on the bottom of the rafters,
  • Do the rough in wiring for lights, outlets, or anything else electrical.
  • Use metal roofing for the inside wall and ceiling covering. This is very important for dust control.

The shop can be done in stages. Not all of these steps are absolutely necessary to build the paint booth and have it at least partially functional.

Spray Paint Booth Blueprints

Paint booth post lay out.

This 12′ x 20′ is the minimum size. 14′ x 30′ uses comparable material.