Build a Shed Floor | Instructions | Framing Details

Shed Floor Building Instructions

Learn how to build a shed floor with these instructions and framing detail. It focuses on attaching a floor system to posts. It also works well for pre-existing buildings.

Establish a level mark on all post. Keep the floor as low as possible. Use treated if the floor is too low, or there will be moisture below the shed.

Build the floor beams. Make sure to place them on the ends that will allow for the shortest joists. Use beams that are one size bigger than the joist. For example, for 2×8 joists, use a 2×10 beam. Nail them on with three or four 16d galvanized deck nails.

Lay out the beams for floor joist. Use 16 or 24″ center. Use two nails under each joist on the 2×2 ledger strip making sure it is down from the top the same as the width of the joist.

Measure each joist individually. It is not uncommon to have some variations. Toe nail them in with two or three nails on each side of each end.

Lay the flooring. Use 4x8x3/4″ treated plywood. Nail it with 8d deck nails about every 10″ apart. Build  a shed floor like it is for a shed; not a house.

Shed Floor Framing Details

Shed Floor Cross Section

Build Shed Floor Framing Detail

Build a shed floor with post and beam construction for the simplest and most affordable construction technique.