Build a Shed Ramp | Instructions – Blueprints

Build a Shed Ramp – Objective

Build a Shed Ramp includes detailed instructions and images. A must if you find yourself rolling things in and out of any building. This super easy construction method can help you build a shed ramp in about an hour.

Build a Shed Ramp – Framing

If the ramp will be permanent and must support a great deal of weight, then it should be built from concrete. There is also expanded metal and other forms of steel that work well for these applications. It is often easier and cheaper to build a shed ramp from wood than from any other material. In the end, the ramp will still serve its purpose.

The first step is determine the “rise” for the ramp. This is the overall distance from the ground to the level of the top of the ramp. In most cases, the ramp should be right at the bottom of the shed door. If the “run” for the ramp is made three times greater than the rise, then the angle would be same as a 4/12 roof pitch. Not very steep for roofing concerns, but the absolute maximum for the grade of a ramp. If at all possible, we recommend making the angle of the ramp much less.

A good way to do this is to use 4 x 4 x 8′ posts for the basic skeleton of the ramp. If the ramp is 12″ high, then the post will need to be 4′ long just to get to the maximum usable angle. If your situation is similar, then make the post run its entire length. For taller ramps they need to be longer. For longer spans use 2 x 10 treated pine.

  • Nail on a ledger so the top of the post will set solid on it for additional strength. a 2 x 4 cut the same width as the ramp is ideal.
  • Practice fit the post until you are satisfied with their angle.
  • Nail them into the shed and down into the ledger.
  • The post should be parallel with each other and pretty close to perpendicular to the parent building.
  • For a ramp up to 30″ wide, 2 posts are enough as long as 1 1/2″ floor boards will be used.
  • Use 2 x 6 treated pine for the floor boards on the ramp.
  • There are commercially available adhesive strips you add to the top of the floor board for added traction.
Build a Shed Ramp

An easy way to stay below the maximum pitch is to multiply the rise by 3.  This number will be the minimum run. Mark this on the ground and adjust according to post length, and available floor boards. Remember, it is difficult to negotiate a ramp in some conditions. Make the ramp as usable as possible by first making it slope as little as possible. If you think this will be to steep, then by all means, make it longer! Thank you for reading Build a Shed Ramp.