Goat Shelter 10 x 20 | Blueprints | Instructions

Learn how to build this simple goat shelter from rough sawed or used lumber. Includes free floor plan and instructions. Inexpensive and fast construction.

DIY Goat Shelter Instructions

  • Lay out the post according to the floor plan (3″ less than 10′ and 20′).
  • Dig the holes at least 12″ round by 24″ deep. Set the post and brace them off.
  • Premix bagged concrete and pour it around them.
  • Establish a level mark on each post. Use it as a reference for the wall girt layout and the top of the posts.
  • Saw the posts even with the top on the end with the low shed wall (the end where water will drain off the roof). Add 12″ for the high shed wall.
  • Nail on the 2 x 10 bands (roof beams) even with the top of the posts. Nail on the 2 x 4 wall girts on 24″ center. Picture frame the edge of the door. Layout the beams on 24″ center.
  • Cut the rafters and nail them in place. Run the 1 x 4 battens on 24″ center.
  • See How to Install a Metal Roof for detailed instructions for laying the metal roofing. Build a door and attach it with utility hinges.

DIY Goat Shelter

This DIY goat shelter is quick and easy to build for a low price. The building can be easily converted for other purposes if the need arises. Raising goats can be quite rewarding. They are virtually maintenance free compared to other animals. They are also very lucrative. This project will more than pay for itself in no time at all.