Build a Sawhorse Set | DIY Professional Style

Build a DIY Sawhorse Set includes instructions and blueprints for a commercial quality set just like the ones used by professional framing contractors. Built with 2 x 4’s in about an hour. These super durable sawhorses are easy and cheap to build.

Build a Sawhorse Set – Framing

The sawhorse must be able to support a great deal of weight. This design is composed of very simple parts. A “T” shaped beam held up for four legs and a couple of braces and that is all there is to it. 92 5/8″ studs are commonly available for a project such as this. For our purposes we will consider using six of them, but any length 2 x 4’s will work. If they will be outside for long periods of time in between uses, then use treated pine. The drawback to this is that it is heavier.

If you find yourself using a circular saw to cut lumber with, then you need a set of sawhorses. Use the sawhorses however you see fit. There are a million and one uses for this set. They will support the weight of several hundred pound easily. Get your work piece off the ground and you will be at a more comfortable working level. This will result in a better job done in a safer manner.

Our fastener of choice for these sawhorses is the 16d coated sinker nail. Screws do too much damage to saw blades when they are accidentally hit. Nails are just so much easier and cheaper to work with.

  • Cut two 2 x 4’s in half to a length of 46 1/4″.
  • Nail them together into the “T” shaped beams.
  • Cut two 32″ legs from four studs. This short design is for reaching across plywood.
  • Nail them into the beams with two nails into each part of the beam.
  • Use the remaining drops for the bracing. Start with the leg ties.
Build a Sawhorse
Sawhorses can also make quite a good scaffold. They will hold up a couple of workers and their tools with ease as long as they are built right and in good shape. As they age and get used they will undoubtedly show signs of wear. Adjusting the depth of the blade on a circular saw so that it barely penetrates the work piece will add more life to them than anything. They will age however, so keep an eye on the fasteners and condition of the wood. You can prolong their their lives by scabbing patches to the side of the beams when they need it.
If you do not have a set of sawhorses then we suggest you build a set before attempting just about any construction project. These sawhorses can be further enhanced into a workbench by nailing 1 1/2″ boards on top of them. Thank you for reading Build a Sawhorse Set.