Build a Shed Door | Free DIY Instructions

Build a Shed Door using these plans in less than one hour. This design is practical and functional. Includes images and step by step instructions.

This project is very different from DIY Barn Door. This door will not use an “X” brace. If your shed has a rigid siding material such as T 111 4 x 8 siding then it will work great. If it does not, then you will use 3/4″ treated plywood for the frame of the door.

The idea is simple. Build a shed door from plywood that will fit the size needed for the building. For sheds with T 111 siding, all you do is cut out a section (between 2 studs if they are on 24″ centers) and use it for the door. Check out the My Shed and Modern Outbuilding projects for more information on T 111 siding.

Otherwise, you will need a rough opening. 22 1/2″ x 72″ is big enough for most shed applications. A 36″ x 84″ door would take this design to its limits.

Build a Shed Door – Step by Step Instructions

  1. Position the 3/4″ treated plywood over the rough opening and tack it firmly in position so that it cover the opening on all sides except the bottom. Leave 1/2″ for the margin on the bottom.
  2. Mark the opening and orientation (top left hinge) on the plywood and take it down.
  3. Saw the plywood and add some utility hinges. Test fit the shed door with one screw in each hinge.
  4. Take the door down and add some design. This needs to be at least a 1 x 4 around the perimeter of the plywood. The may be enough plywood left over from the door to rip into 3 – 4″ pieces. This step is important to keep the door from warping.
  5. If the door will have metal siding, then make a frame work of 1 x 4’s on 24″ centers inside the perimeter.
  6. A more drastic approach to prevent warping would be to attack a 2 x 4 frame on the back of the door just like it was a wall.
  7. Use a good door latch that will provide as much security and ease of use as possible. Remember, that it is just a shed door. All it really has to do is function.
Build a Shed Door

The layout for Pro barn Plans skips around a bit, but chances are, if you want to know something about building an outside building, then we have something for you here. Thank you for your interest in Build a Shed Door!