Chicken Arks | DIY Chicken Ark Design

DIY chicken arks are built with one thing in mind. They protect chickens! This plan is easy to follow and cheap to build. It is functional for 3 – 5 birds. A chicken ark is basically a small and portable “A” frame style pen. The beauty of this approach is you can build one and stop at that, or you can build a hundred.

Chickens are prey to just about everything under the sun. Everybody wants KFC! Some predators are extremely savvy. This design will require the predator to have a saw to get in. It is as close to Alcatraz as you could imagine.

Chicken Ark Design

Side and End View of Chicken Ark

Chicken Ark Instructions

This plan revolves around the surface areas of 3 whole sheets of plywood. One for the bottom; one for each side of the “A” frame leaned together. A few minutes studying these plans and you will get the general idea. On that basis, build it however you see fit.

Start with the floor. Make a frame 4′ x 8′ with joists on 24″ center. Nail a sheet of plywood to it.

Lean two sheets of plywood together forming the “A” frame shape. Tack them into place. It does not matter how the pieces lap at the top.

Scribe rafter patterns. Mark the position of the vents on the plywood using the 24″ rafter layout as a guide. Cut out the vents. The vents will rely on chain link sandwiched between the rafter and roof decking.It is better to take a 5/16″ notch out of the rafter so the chain link will fit nicely. Tack the chain link in place. Nail on the rafters. Nail through the plywood into the notches to hold the chain link permanently. Lean the two side back together and nail them off. Scribe the shape of the gables and cut them out. Nail one side firmly. Use hinges and a master lock on the other. It is amazing how smart some predators are when it comes to opening homemade doors!


  • 4 – 4 x 8 x 1/2″ treated plywood
  • 8 – 2 x 4 x 8′ treated pine
  • 24 sq. ft. chain link fence