Closet Dimensions | DIY Instructions – Floor Plans

Build a Closet – Objective

Learn how to build a closet with this easy to follow free DIY guide. Includes a floor plan with dimensions and step by step instructions. Adapts for children sizes. A closet is the defining characteristic of a bedroom. They are what technically separates a bedroom from a den.

Instructions for Building a Closet

Keep the demolition to a minimum. Remove only the baseboard and any other trim such as crown molding or chair rail. The minimum inside dimension for an adult sized closet is 24″ inside to inside. Since this dimension is from inside of framing to inside of framing and the drywall is already on one wall, make the closet 23 1/2″ from the inside of the drywall to the inside of the framing. Layout the floor and ceiling with pencil only. Chalk lines make a mess in this case. Center the bi-fold door and mark for the 50″ rough opening.

Nail down the bottom plates leaving out the door opening. Use the lay out marks on the ceiling to hunt for joist in locations that will be covered up. Nail the top plates to the ceiling joists. Frame the interior door and the rest of the wall. Hang the drywall. Mud and tape it as necessary. Set the door. Run the baseboard. Apply caulking and paint the new closet.

Closet Dimensions

Closet Dimension