Closing in a Carport – Free DIY Instructions

These free DIY instructions explain how to close in a carport by building exterior walls. This cost effective method is cheap and easy to follow. This approach will work for any kind of carport as long as it has posts spaced no more than 12′ apart. There are some extra steps required for closing in closing in a carport with a metal frame and other applications where there is not sufficient posts to attach the wall girts to.

Closing in a Carport

Openings for doors and windows requires a post on each side of the opening. For doors, make sure to set the posts with a rough opening 5″ larger than the door size. Frame above the door with conventional framing. Leave an extra 1 1/2″ for the height. For windows,  add 3″ plus whatever the manufacturer’s recommended rough opening is for the width and height.

This is so a casing can fit inside the opening. Build the casing with treated lumber one size bigger than the post. For example, use 2 x 8 if the post are 6 x 6. Keep the casing flush with the inside. Build a casing for every opening.

Make “picture frames” with 2 x 4’s around the casings. Establish a layout on 24″ center with marks on the outside of each post. Make these marks the top of 2 x 4 girts. Nail them on with three 16d spiral shank galvanized nails. Use 2 x 6’s if the posts are spaced more than 10′ apart. For instances with spacing more than 12′ add more posts.

For applications using metal roofing for siding, start by running “J” channel around the casings.  For other applications, first sheath the wall with 7/16″ O.S.B. plywood. Then cover the wall with a quality house wrap. The wall is now just as good as a wall on a new house. With house wrap over O.S.B. a wall can accept any type of exterior such as brick or hardy plank siding. For details on insulation a see Barn Loft and Wall Insulation.

The only practical way to do the inside of the walls in a case like this is to treat it just like you did the outside. This would give ample room for any insulation, plumbing, or electical. It would be poor workmanship to use the backside of the outside girts as a nailer.

Diagram for closing in a carport

This wall is ready for O.S.B. sheathing or metal siding. Metal siding can also be installed over O.S.B. sheathing. If this is the case, then put layout marks on each sheet of metal to be sure the screws hit the girts. Thanks to readers like you we can fund this project. We hope you have found out everything you need to know about closing in a carport.
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