Complete Guide Building Barns for Miniature Horses

Learn the fundamentals of building a barn for miniature horses with this introductory guide to post frame construction. These building techniques are safe and reliable. They are also versatile and relatively easy to accomplish.

Post Frame Construction Techniques

Traditional post frame construction uses large vertical posts. These posts are generally made from pressure treated pine. They range in size from 4 x 4 x 8′ on up to  6 x 6 x 24′. There are much larger ones available, but they are very expensive. For the purpose of this guide, we will consider a miniature horse barn to use nothing bigger than a 4 x 4. The posts are set in the ground with a concrete footing poured around them. They are spaced anywhere from 6′ – 12′ apart.  Click here for detailed instructions for setting  posts.

Post frame constructed buildings have the option of leaving the walls completely open. If the budget is tight, then the miniature horse barn could begin its life this way. Variable width rough sawed yellow poplar is the cheapest and easiest siding material to work with.  White oak is tougher, but it is considerably harder to work with.

A 4/12 roof pitch is plenty steep enough for most applications. It is best to use trusses. Click here for instructions on building and installing roof trusses. Whatever style of framing is used, it will have to set on roof beams.  For a small barn such as this, a single 2 x 10 will do fine as long as the posts are no further than 8′ apart.

Closing Thoughts

Miniature horses, ponies, and horses can develop the bad habit of nibbling on the framing members of the barn (cribbing). If your animal does this, then you will need to cover the posts with some sort of protection. The chemicals used for treating lumber can be harmful if ingested. Casing the posts with one by’s is about the easiest and cheapest way to prevent this.

This material list is for a 20′ x 24′ with a stick framed roof. It includes metal siding for the walls.  It does not include material for a door or any stalls.

  • 11 – 4x4x12 treated
  • 6 – 2x10x8 pine
  • 4 – 2x10x10 pine
  • 2 – 2x10x12 pine
  • 19 – 2x10x20 pine
  • 2 – 2x6x12 spruce
  • 38 – 2x6x12 spruce
  • 1 – 2x12x24 pine
  • 30 – 1x4x12 pine
  • 6 – 2x4x8 treated
  • 3 – 2x4x10 treated
  • 24 – 2x4x8 pine
  • 12 – 2x4x10 pine
  • 11 – 80 lbs. Sakrete
  • 16 – 36”x10’5” Roof Metal
  • 16 – 36”x10’ Siding
  • 1 – 36”x14’ Siding
  • 2 – 36”x13’
  • 4 – 36”x12’
  • 4 – 36”x11’
  • 4 – 10’ Corners
  • 4 – 10’5” Gable trim
  • Trim for 8’x10’  Garage door

Post Layout