Complete Guide for Home Made Moonshine with Still

Learn how to make moonshine at home in a still legally with this easy to follow guide. It includes a recipe and a simple design for a safe DIY still.

Legal Issues Concerning Moonshine

Moonshine is generally considered the illegal product of “bootleggers”. It is illegal in the United States to manufacture moonshine for the purpose of distribution without a permit. The letter of the law differs from state to state concerning making it at home for your own use. For example, the law in Tennessee says that it is illegal to make moonshine in their own dwelling even for personal use. So just use another building such as a small barn. Browse our site for building plans of all types.

Home Made Moonshine in a Nut Shell

Ferment any sugar loaded juice with a small amount of yeast in a warm place. The ideal spot is next to the still so it can use its heat for a catalyst. Plain sugar water will work but most people prefer a fruit juice of some sort. Corn mash is is used for the making whiskey. Make it by using ground corn, water, sugar, and yeast. The fermentation process takes about two weeks. The process is finished when the yeast stops changing the sugar into alcohol. The bubbles (CO2) will stop. A sealed container will not work because of the gas being released. It will rupture and make a big mess.

At this point the alcohol content of the “beer” is low (.5 – 8%). The alcohol needs to be isolated so it can be much more concentrated. Alcohol boils at 160º. It boils at a lower temperature than water. The distillation process is simple. Boil the low alcohol content liquid. Condense the alcohol vapors back into a liquid. Most stills have a pot or some other type of reservoir used for cooking the mix. For smaller applications a simple tea pot is perfect. Insert a copper tube a couple of inches through a cork gasket in the spout of the tea pot. Pass the coil through some ice water and hang it so it will drip the moonshine into a clean container.

Home Made Moonshine From a Simple Still

1 gallon water                    1 tea pot

1/2 pound sugar               48″ 1/4 copper tubing

1 yeast packet                   Camping stove

Dissolve the sugar in warm water and add a yeast packet.

Allow it to ferment for two weeks.

Pour the solution into the teapot over low heat.

Allow it boil slowly with the steam traveling through the copper tubing coming from the spout and sealed with a cork. Make a loop the tubing that dips into ice water.

The drip is almost pure alcohol!

This is how to make moonshine at home with a simple still. There are a million ways to customize any part of the process. The most important things are not to break the law and not to get hurt. Remember that using anything for a still that is not designed for cooking can contaminate the alcohol with deadly poisons. It is also absolutely necessary to have an escape outlet for the alcohol vapors. A sealed container with no way for the hot gasses to leave is a perfect recipe for a boiler explosion!