Concrete Slab Costs and Preparation Considerations

Learn how to quickly calculate the general cost of a concrete slab. Easy to use for anyone with basic math skills. Includes preparation considerations.

Calculate the Cost of a Concrete Slab by the Square Foot

Concrete is sold by the cubic yard. A cubic yard of concrete on average in 2012 cost a little less than $100 with fiber. A yard of concrete will cover about eighty square feet at four inches thick. This makes the cost of the concrete about $1.25 per square foot.

The cost of the concrete itself is only part of the expense involved with pouring a slab. The cost of a professional contractor varies from location to location but will average about $2.50 per square foot for spreading gravel, forming up, and finishing to a slick surface.

The cost for preparation considerations are wildly varied to say the least. In a case with a great deal of fill material and plenty of irregular shaped forms, the cost would obviously be much higher than the mix itself. On average, the cost for preparations will be about half of what the concrete will cost per square foot. Somewhere around $0.60 per foot is a general figure to start with.

The expense can be calculated down to a much more precise level of line item detail. But for first glance calculation of a general cost of a concrete slab at four inches thick, just consider about $1.80 per square foot for the concrete and all of the preparations. Add another $2.50 per square foot if a contractor will be used. These figures are padded a little so the actual cost is not quite as scary!