DIY Agricultural Projects

DIY Agricultural Projects includes facilities for housing chickens, rabbits, cows, pigs, horses, and more. If you want farm animals, then you need to read this!

DIY Agricultural Projects

How to Care for a Bunny Rabbit is instructions for how to care for a bunny includes a prioritized list of the 10 most important issues and common problems for raising rabbits.

rabbit barn is the first thing you need if you plan to raise bunnies. This design is flexible. Its simple layout is easy to follow and cheap to build.

DIY chicken arks are built with one thing in mind. Protect chickens! This plan is easy to follow and cheap to build. It is functional for 3 – 5 birds.

Build a Duck House with DIY instructions just like you would a dog house. This cheap and easy design is versatile and durable.

Build a Wooden Gate with these easy to follow do it yourself instructions detail the construction algorithm for building any wooden gate. Includes step by step and a diagram.

30 x 50 General Purpose Agricultural Pole Building with open face design. Economical post frame construction. Versatile, inexpensive, and easy to build.

Build a Simple DIY Goat Shelter 10 x 20 from rough sawed or used lumber. Includes free floor plan and instructions. Inexpensive and fast construction.

A Small Goat Barn will protect livestock from the elements. This super easy design is cheap and easy to build. Includes free blueprints and instructions.