DIY Barn Door | Plans – Instructions

DIY Barn Door

DIY Barn Door includes step by step instructions and images for building any size barn door from wood or metal. Information on hinges and latches.

A diy barn door must be functional above all else. It does no good to have a door that does not work flawlessly. A diy barn door should also look good and match the building it is fit to. Common mistakes for a diy barn door include these often neglected requirements:

  • A diy barn door mounted with hinges has to have an “X” brace.
  • The door should be as lightweight and simple as possible.
  • The door needs ample clearance in the rough opening. 1/4″ – 1/2″ at the most.
  • The rough opening determines the final shape of the door whether its geometry is true or not.
  • The door needs hinges or a sliding track kit strong enough to support its weight.
  • Using a custom built door when they are available cheaper as a pre hung unit.

DIY Barn Door – Framing

Tool Shed Plans details spacing the posts properly for factory made doors. If a door is available already built and fits your requirements, then you will be better off buying one. Exterior doors come in all sizes. It is the larger sizes we will focus on for the diy barn door project.

For an 8′ opening or larger use a double door. To have a single door you would have to use a sliding door kit. These kits attach to the top of the door and let the door open like an aircraft hanger door. The only other option would be to use a garage door.

A DIY barn door made from wood can be very heavy. This is amplified when rough sawed lumber is used. To avoid the dangers and difficulties of attempting to hang such a heavy door you can simply build the door in position. In this example, we will use rough sawed red oak so our 8′ hypothetical doors will match our barn. Be sure to make the siding (metal or wood) line up on the doors with the parent building.

  • Make sure the opening is close to plumb and level. If it is not, we recommend closing the size down enough to make it right.
  • Build 2 rectangular frames from 2 x 4’s. Make the top and bottom cords longer so the hinges will bolt to them.
  • Tack on a brace to ensure the frames are square and add one 2 x 4 running the diagonal to serve as the “X” brace.
  • Bolt on an 8″ – 10″ strap hinge at the top and bottom.
  • This assembly is ready for hanging. Even though it is much lighter than a completed door, it is would still be awkward attempting to bolt on the hinges without setting a prop under the door on the hinge side.
  • Set one bolt in each hinge and check the door for smoothness and proper alignment in the rough opening.
  • Repeat the steps and hang the other frame; they should line up well across the top.
  • Add whatever siding and cosmetics you want. Be careful and do not make the doors too heavy.
  • The siding on the door should match the parent building as close as possible. Not only should it match in material, it should match in positioning as well. In other words, the siding should line up with the siding on the parent building.
DIY Barn Door

These frames do not have to be perfect; they just have to function well.

Using this approach will work for any diy barn door. Do not hesitate to make change early in this process to ensure a good fit. Remember that not one part of these instructions is carved in stone. take all or part of it use it to the best of your abilities. Thank you for reading DIY Barn Door.