DIY Home Projects

DIY home and garden projects. Each project plan includes instructions and blueprints. Conventional woodworking techniques are used with no special tools needed.

DIY Home Projects

Wooden swing set plans. Learn how to build a wooden swing set with these free DIY plans. Easy to follow instructions and detailed blueprints featuring a simple saw horse design.

These free DIY wood stove instructions include various approaches. Use economical wood for heat without the sky high initial investment.

Wall Insulation for Houses. Explore popular wall insulating materials and learn which ones are DIY, which one insulate the best, and which one provides the best overall value.

Mobile Home Insulation Projects. Mobile homes leave room for improving their insulation. Big savings on energy bills with these easy underpinning, walls, window, and roof projects.

Foot Bridge. Learn how to build a simple beam bridge from wood for pedestrian traffic. These free DIY plans include a framing detail and step by step instructions.

Deck Rails. Learn how to build a sturdy wooden rail around a deck with this free guide. This guide includes a framing detail and step by step DIY instructions.

Mudroom ideas includes images and easy to follow free instructions. These DIY plans are a must if you find yourself constantly tracking up the floors.