DIY House Projects | Instructions – Blue Prints

DIY House Projects has layout ideas and construction suggestions. It features content for small bachelor dwelling to much larger projects.

DIY House Projects

This simple house with a one car garage is perfect for a small budget. The entire construction process is reviewed. Includes floor plans.

1000 square foot house plans includes DIY instructions and floor plan. This covers the entire process. You can break your project into stages.

Floor framing techniques made simple with the details in this guide. It includes a diagram, step by step layout instructions, and mistakes to avoid.

Learn the fundamentals of interior wall framing with these do it yourself instructions. It covers new construction and remodeling.

Framing in a door is fundamental to building. This step by step DIY guide teaches stick framing and prefabricating techniques. Includes glossary of terms.

Plans for a 1200 square foot loft apartment for practical living over a general purpose barn feature a unique 30 x 40 design that makes use of 100% of the attic space.

Build a Duplex House includes detailed instructions and a diagram for the party wall. Use this guide and let the rent from one side pay for the mortgage.