Build a Wood Gate DIY Instructions

Build a wood gate with these easy to follow do it yourself instructions. Detailed construction algorithm for building any wooden gate. Includes step by step and a diagram.

Build a Wood Gate DIY Instructions

Use as close to the same material as possible for the gate as the parent fence or building is made of.

Use composite beam screws for building the gate.

Build a frame 2″ smaller than the width of the rough opening.

Square up the frame and put in the “X” brace or nail on a plywood backing. This is the most important step in gate building.

Bolt on a hinge to the top rail and bottom rail of the gate.

Test fit the gate with one bolt in each hinge.

If you are satisfied with its fit, then bolt the hinges to the king post.

Install any siding or privacy panels.

Install the latch or chain.

Diagram for a wooden gate

This approach to building a wooden gate will work for any type of fence. For applications involving sloping ground you may have to hang the gate a little out of level. The gate must function well; that is priority number one. The second priority is having the top rail of the gate line up as closely as possible with the top rails of the fence.