DIY Old Window | Pane Ideas | Recycling

These DIY old window and pane ideas give recycling glass a whole new meaning. Learn how to cut glass and what adhesive to use. Find out common mistakes to avoid.

DIY Old Window – Caution

Some old windows have paint that contains lead. If you have any questions, then test the paint for its lead content. 3M instant result kit.

Glass become very sharp when broken. Be very careful when handling it. Never put it or yourself in a situation where you will be underneath the glass.

Working with Pane Glass

To cut pane glass in a straight line, there are commercially available tile cutters that will make short work of it. Just be careful and wear proper safety equipment, it is thinner and easier to break than ceramic tile.

There are also etching devices you can use to etch beautiful frostings into the glass.

General purpose clear construction grade silicone works well for an adhesive.

DIY Old Window Ideas

The frames make wonderful racks and pot holders.

The glass can be replaced with cork for a bulletin board.

It can be replaced with “whiteboard” for miniature whiteboards or chalkboards.

The glass can be painted or airbrushed. There are no limits to the imagination here.

They work very well for mini-greenhouses. DIY Greenhouse.

Their most practical use is often overlooked. They can be reused for windows in shed, barns, and other buildings. A little tender loving care and they can look as good as a new one. They just will not insulate as well so we would not advise reusing them anywhere there is climate control.

Glass has a recycle value. Although it is a very inexpensive raw material, there are recycling centers   that purchase glass. Money is money.