DIY Shed Projects

DIY shed projects has dozens of projects. Post and beam construction along with conventional stacked framing. Easy to follow DIY instructions and plans.

DIY Shed Projects

How to Build a Shed takes you step by step through the process of building small outdoor buildings. Includes information on tools, materials, and building.

Lean to Sheds includes step by step building instructions and a cross section of the framing detail. A perfect project that is cheap and easy to build if you have an existing building you can add to.

Wood Shed Ideas gets your firewood covered. This project is just like the lean to shed except it does not rely on an existing building.

Tool Shed Plans keeps your tools safe. This project is just like the wood shed plans project except it has walls and a door.

Modern Outbuilding or outhouses serves the same purpose it has for centuries. This simple design can function for a utility shed.

Build a Shed Floor with these instructions and framing detail. It focuses on attaching a floor system to posts. It also works well for pre-existing buildings.

Building Shed Walls with post frame construction is affordable and easily mastered. This page includes step by step instructions and a PDF framing detail.

Read Bike Storage Shed and learn to build a storage shed perfect for any motorcycle or ATV. This simple DIY design is rugged, cheap, and easy to build. Includes blueprints and instructions.

Learn how to build a Spray Paint Booth with post and beam construction. Super efficient and easy design is cheap to build and has ultra low dust levels.

Garden Shed. Learn how to design and build your own small shed with this free and easy to use plans. It is a perfect storage shed for a lawn mower and other gardening equipment.

Tool Shed Plans 3D Framing