Garage Layout Ideas | DIY Instructions

Garage layout ideas and do it yourself instructions. Includes options to consider and floor plans for sizes of 1 – 3 cars. These designs are based on the same post and beam style construction as many pole barns are. It is a very cost effective means of construction with quality results. Other construction methods will also work for these garage layout ideas.

Garage Layout Ideas and Options to Consider

  • The number one factor when considering the design is the budget. The amount of money available needs to be more than enough for the project. One advantage to the polebarn style of construction is that the garage could begin its life as a much less expensive carport.
  • Take into consideration how much room you have on the building site. A crucial step in do it yourself garage layout is making sure there is enough space available.
  • Use trusses for the roof structure. Trusses can be manufactured to any size building with practically any shape; including bonus rooms over garages. Bonus rooms make efficient use of attic space but add more weight to the posts and beams that support it.
  • The concrete floor in a garage makes it ideal for many other uses such as supporting the weight of pool tables and heavy shop equipment such as a table saw.

Garage Layout Ideas – The Basic Scheme

Post and beam style buildings with double 2 x 12’s for beams and 6 x 6 treated pine post are ideal for garages because of there open design. Note how the spacing of the posts has been reduced from 10′ centers to 8′ 3″ inside to inside to allow for a garage door between each section.

Garage Layout Ideas

This 650 sq. ft. single car layout has ample space on each side. The post are spaced so the openings can hold optional doors.


Closing Thoughts for Your Garage Layout Ideas

The layout of  Pro Barn Plans skips around a bit with various construction techniques detailed on different projects. For example, setting posts using batter boards is explained in How to Build a Barn and framing for garage doors is explained in How to Build a Pole Barn Garage. Before starting any construction project please read Workplace Safety Concerns. Thank you for your interest in Garage Layout Ideas.