Build Your Own Horse Barn | Blueprints – Instructions

Build your own horse barn details the necessary parts for the building to function. Includes images and step by step instructions for a new barn or a conversion project. To own a horse means you should be aware of some horse barn designs and what they mean. The parts of a barn are basic. The added parts that make a barn a qualify for horse barn designs are quite simple as well.

Horse barn designs are as unique and varied as the animals they serve. They can be as small and simple as a lean to shed or be as large and complicated as an aircraft hangar. If you have an existing building, then you may want  to breath new life back into that old barn. If you are starting from scratch, then there are detailed construction guides in How to Build a Shed, and How to Build a Barn.

Horse Barn Plans

Horse Barn – The Parts

Besides the barn’s structure itself, the stable is the single most important part of any horse barn design. It is what really separates it from other horse barn designs. Stable doors are available in fabricated steel from different manufacturers. The techniques used in DIY Barn Door will also work for stable doors. Remember that horse can deliver powerful kicks and other accidental encounters. If you are using a pole barn with metal sides, then you should line the inside of the stable with rough sawed oak siding. Make the siding at least 4′ tall. 10′ x 10′ is a popular size for stables because of the spacing of the post on many barns.

A tack room as a handy addition for keeping saddles and other necessary equipment and tools. These rooms are better suited with floors. See Barn Loft | Floor Construction for construction details. A good steel door is invaluable here for obvious security reasons.

Washrooms are also handy additions that are much like a commercial car wash in design and use. A concrete floor is best with a drain in the center. A garden hose with an adjustable spray nozzle will work fine for a controlled flow of water. There are also commercially available washing tools.

Horse Barn Plans – Don’t Forget!

Proper maintenance will help keep your barn functioning for years to come. Address any issues as they present themselves. Whether your barn has dirt or concrete floors, it will need regular cleaning. Horses produce a great deal of waste!