DIY Instructions to Build a Pole Barn Garage

Details for building a two car garage with post and beam style construction. Includes images and step by step instructions for a 20 x 30. This is plenty of room for two cars, or a car and boat, or just about two of anything you can fit through an eight foot door. The chief advantage for building a pole barn style garage is the cost.

Mistakes to Avoid for Pole Garages

  • Make sure what is intended for parking in the garage will fit. Don’t build a 12′ x 16′ building and expect a 20′ boat to fit inside.
  • Concrete is the ideal choice for the floor. Compacted crushed stone or chert will work for a shoestring budget. Just don’t use dirt.
  • Be sure there is room to straighten up on the driveway. A garage door won’t do any good if you can’t “square” up with it and fit through it.
  • Make sure the drainage of the building site flows water away from the building and driveway; most importantly, the garage door.
  • Make sure the doors are tall enough. Many trucks and other machinery simple will not fit below a 7′ high garage door.

How to Build a Pole Barn Garage

Post setting techniques are described in How to Build a Shed, and How to build a Barn. The post should have a layout 3″ less than the intended dimensions. For a 20′ x 30′ the corner posts should be set at 19′  9″ x 29′ 9″.  The layout for the post on the 30′ side should be no more than 10′ oc. The 30′ load bearing wall will have four posts.

Once the eight structural posts are set, then the posts for the doors can go in. Set these post three inches larger than the rough opening so a 1 1/2″ trimmer can be added to the post. The 20′ wall will hold a 16′ door or two 8′ doors. The 30′ wall can have four 8′ doors. The posts for these doors are not load bearing, so they are not structurally significant. They only have to go about 12″ into the ground.

How to Build a Pole Barn Garage

This 20′ x 30′ layout leaves room in the back of the garage.

Thank you for your interest in how to build a pole barn garage. Thanks to readers like you we can find this project.