How to Put up a Wood Fence

How to put up a wood fence with minimal effort and materials. 4 x 4 posts with 3 rail 2 x 6 design. Includes DIY step by step instructions and blueprint. This procedure will work just as well for almost any other project. This design is the same used by professional contractors everywhere. Follow this guide and enjoy learning how to put up a wood fence.

How to Prepare to Put up a Wood Fence

  • Establish an accurate layout for the exact positioning. Be aware of any set back requirements for roads. Enlist a surveyor if there are any concerns.
  • Call 811 before you dig. Even though the holes are small, the consequences of striking an underground electric cable or gas line would be just as catastrophic.
  • Decide on a design you are satisfied with. Choose one that is functional above all else. Also make certain the design is affordable and not to hard to build.
How to Put up a Wood Fence

How to Put up a Wood Fence

2 x 6 x 8 fence rails will need a little room to play with on the layout for the post spacing. Go for 94″ centers for a 2″ allowance. If a problem did arise, then 2 x 6 x 10’s would work. For applications where the rails are not available any longer (such as 8′ landscape timbers), make the centers 92″.

Drill or dig the post holes at least 12 x 24″ deep. This is an over sized  sized hole. If you are digging the holes by hand, then use a rock bar, post hole diggers, and your own judgement.

Set one half of a 4 x 4 x 12′ post in each hole. Attach a brace for the axis opposite the direction of the rails. Drive a stake close to the bottom of the brace with post close to plumb.

Establish a common layout. For a 4′ high fence, something like 48″ to the top of the highest rail then 20″ and 40″ back down. Split the difference with the layout if you encounter sudden dips or mounds.

Brace the first post both ways and plumb it with a 4′ level. Layout the top marks on several posts.

Nail on the  top 2 x 6 rail with three 16d galvanized spiral shank or Maze nails. Hold the nails back close to edge so they are clear from saw blades.

Plumb the post the direction of the rails before nailing the top rail. The rail will hold it plumb. Plumb the post’s other axis and nail the brace to the stake.

Nail on the other rails and saw them to the center of the post. Cover this but joint with a vertical 2 x 6 or 1 x 6. Make it flush with the top and right above the ground on the bottom.

Pour concrete around the posts or tamp them firmly.

Repeat the process over and over.