Laying Out Walls for a Gable Roof Rafters

Learn how to layout for rafter or truss placements. These free and easy to follow instructions describe DIY methods for all spacing and overhangs. There are a number of factors to consider when laying out for rafters or trusses. If you have walls with studs, and the layout must be stacked, then simply put the rafters or trusses directly over the studs.

Basic Layout for Rafters on a Gable

Know what center you intend on using. This can be anywhere from 12″ O.C. to 12′ O.C. Applications involving trusses will have a predetermined spacing with exactly enough trusses. For trusses, the most important thing is to have enough.

Layout from the gables in. For a gable to gable situation, layout from the end lowest to the ground. For residential framing applications where ceiling joist will be used, set the joist on the opposite side of the layout.

It is all pretty easy as long as you get started right. For a standard layout mark the center minus 3/4″.  For example for a 16″ O.C. layout, mark 15 1/4″ for the first mark and then from there mark every 16″ until your reach the end.

Rafter and Truss Layout Guide for Gable Roof