Pig Production Ideas | Layout Considerations

Pig production ideas focuses on a small barn built with increased profits in mind. Cheap and easy post and beam construction adjusts to any budget. You can customize this design with any interior layout you want. As with most agricultural buildings, this unit will more than pay for itself with increased pig production.

We recommend a minimum of 20 square feet of space per pig as a minimum guideline. Anything over 50 square feet per pig and the cost gets hard to justify. Any animal production facility has to meet these requirements:

  • It has to have a waste removal system.
  • It has to deliver food and water.
  • It has to provide shelter from nature.

The manure removal system may consist only of a shovel and a wheel barrow. While this is feasible on small scale, we recommend concrete spillways cleaned by flooding.

Automatic water troughs or are a must for any size operation. In terms of automation, they lead the pack. Since pretty much all living tissue  is composed mostly of water, keep your pigs a constant supply of fresh and clean water.

Pig Production Barn Plan

This simple drive through design is adjustable to fit your needs. Just remember; water on one side and food on the other.

Basic Pig Barn Layout

The basic layout for any pig barn will consist of the essentials. An enclosure to keep the pigs from escaping is number one. Pigs like to dig, and they like to break out of confined areas. If your layout does not consist of a concrete floor, then you should consider running a hot wire along the bottom of the outside perimeter. Hog rings clamped into the nostrils can also prevent unwanted “rooting”.

This simple layout worked for an operation in its beginning that now is a major contributor for pig production. Remember that pigs will do just about to escape, so build your barn with a proven containment or you will find that coral-ling up renegade pigs is a lot of trouble.

The layout for Pro Barn Plans skips around a bit. We have included specific construction techniques in different projects. A simple site search will surely solve your problems. Thank you for reading Pig Production Ideas and good luck with makin’ bakin’!