Post Standing Technique

Learn how to safely raise long post with a few people. This example focuses on a 6 X 6 X 24′ treated pine. It describes how three people can stand it.

Post or Pole Standing Instructions

Long posts, such as a twenty four feet six by six treated pine, are very heavy. They are dangerous and difficult to stand without heavy equipment. At a minimum, it takes three strong men to even attempt this method. Even so, be careful. If there are any doubts, then do not try it. As long as two of the men involved are able to carry the post by each lifting one end of it and walking, then there is probably sufficient strength necessary for the task at hand.

Dig or drill the post hole. Make certain it is in the exact right position. Test it with a short length of post. If one is not available, then build one from two lengths of two by sixes and two lengths of two by fours ripped to two inches wide. The gauge should end up five and a half inches by five and a half inches. It should be at least four feet long (the longer the better).

If there is a slope to negotiate, then be sure to stand the post from the uphill side. Place the post on the ground in front of the hole. Nail on a two by four (10′ – 14′) at eleven feet from the bottom. Do this by marking eleven foot and laying down a two by four with one end on the mark and the other extending towards the top of the post.

The strongest man should be in behind the next to the strongest with the weakest one holding the bottom. Hold the bottom with both hands and allow the post to slide into the hole as it is going up. The two men doing the raising start at the top of the post and begin walking toward the bottom of the post while keeping the post above their heads. The two by four will pivot since it was nailed on with one three and a half inch deck nail. Once it is reached one of the men will take hold of it and use it for leverage. Have a plan for abortion. If at any point during this operation it become clear that it can not be performed, then execute the plan for abortion. Work together on this or someone could get hurt.

Once the post is fully vertical, then one man can hold it while the other two brace it with a two by four on each axis. Start with the one used for standing. Get it close to plumb and drive a two by four stake firmly into the ground. Plumb the post and nail it to the stake. Add another two by four ninety degrees from the other and repeat the process. Double check the position and how plumb the post is before pouring premixed concrete around it. Do not remove the braces until sufficient structure has been added to it. The concrete poured around it will not be enough.