Safe Scaffold Erection Made Easy

Safe Scaffold Erection – Objective

Learn how to erect a safe scaffold in minutes with these easy instructions. Made from 2 x 4’s, these super duty “arms” are great for most projects. The steel scaffolding used by brick layers are just not  as effective for most house and barn framing needs. They are expensive to rent and even more costly to buy. Our safe and easy scaffold erection techniques are the same as the ones used by countless professional framing contractors.

How to Erect a Scaffold

During the construction of any house or barn, there will be many times that a scaffold will be the safest and most efficient way to  get yourself into position to accomplish the task at hand. These scaffold erection techniques are broken down into two different styles.

  1. The first approach to scaffold build we will look at will work for applications where one end of the scaffold arm can be attached to a solid support that is already there.
  2. Determine the level of the scaffold. This is crucial for an effective scaffold. I like to keep my work at height close to eye level. I measure down 5′ 6″ from my intended target and mark it. Trying to build a scaffold without this step would just like shooting a gun in the dark. You will be lucky to end up where you need to be.
  3. Nail on a 2′ – 3′  2 x 4 below the mark in a horizontal position. This the “arm” of the scaffold. Use a minimum of three 16d coated sinker nails. Make sure they hold well.
  4. The “leg” for the scaffold needs to be slightly taller than the arm. If you want a safety rail, then extend it at least 3′ higher.
  5. Brace it with a 2 x 4 attached at the intersection of the arm and leg extending down to a stake or other solid object (block nailed to a sub-floor).


Scaffold Erection

If you do not have a solid wall to attach the scaffold to, then you must erect two legs instead of one and use three braces at each set. These braces must not be left off. Aluminum walk boards work great with these type of scaffolds. If you must use wood walk boards, then make sure you inspect them properly and do not over-span.

Scaffolds are dangerous to say the least. Please read Workplace Safety Concerns for important safety and legal issues. Thank you for your interest in Pro Barn Plans Safe Scaffold Erection Made Easy.