Simple House with One Car Garage

This simple house with a one car garage is perfect for a small budget. The entire construction process is reviewed. Includes floor plans.

With the rising cost of rent and the increasing difficulty in getting a loan to build your own home, it is no wonder why a small house plan with a one car garage can be so appealing. Think about it. No debts; just a place to live.

The Process for Building your House and One Car Garage

Building your own house is a daunting challenge to say the least. Most people opt for using a building contractor. If you are borrowing money from a bank, it is likely they will require you to have a licensed general contractor. The contractor is going charge from 10 – 25% of the cost of the home. the bank id going to wind up with much more than that. Eliminate these two entities and you can increase your personal wealth at an exponentially faster rate.

The problem is that without these two entities you take on a whole new ballgame. You furnish all of the money and provide all of the labor. For most people, this will mean that a project such as this will not happen overnight. It also means that if you do not have certain skills, you will learn them.

Simple House and Garage

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If this design is close to what you want, then you must get an approval from your building inspections office. This varies depending on your location. Contact the office to find out your specific requirements.

  1. Once you have your building permit in hand, then you are ready to break ground. The footing will have to be built first. This the first and one of the most important steps in the construction process. if you are not familiar with building footings, then you should hire it done.
  2. The next step is the masonry foundation. This entire foundation should be laid from 8″ x 16″ blocks with a rough side that can be used as a finished product. The slab for the garage can be poured at this point or it can wait.
  3. Once the foundation is approved then you are ready for the actual building of the house. The framing is the most crucial phase in the construction process. If you do not think you can frame your own house, then do not even try it.
  4. The roofing is critical to keeping your investment safe. Use 25 – 30 year dimensional shingles. 4 x 8 T 111 siding is the most cost effective means to cover the walls.
  5. Moving on to the services stage. It is time for the rough in plumbing and electrical work. Once this complete, then insulate the house as well as possible.
  6. The drywall is next. The steps for drywall installation are simple; hang the drywall, apply a bed coat of mud and tape, apply another coat of mud the next day, and finish it with a skim coat followed by sanding.
  7. The light fixtures and finished plumbing are areas that are tempting for you to spend a lot money. Don’t do it. Shop around. It will pay off.
  8. Install the trim. Use standard baseboards and interior doors. Do not use any crown molding or chair rail. It is just not worth the expense when you are on a budget.
  9. Paint the house with a quality paint using a simple color scheme.
  10. Use durable flooring. Avoid carpet.

These are the necessary 10 steps to building your own home with a one car garage. Note that most of the projects in Pro Barn Plans are based on polebarn style construction. Not this one. Thank you for your interest in building your own simple home with a one car garage.