Small Goat Barn | DIY Instructions

A small goat barn will protect livestock from the elements. This super easy design is cheap and easy to build. Includes free blueprints and instructions. The footprint of this layout is only 8′ square with the high shed wall 8′ tall. This design is easily modified to fit your particular needs.

Small Goat Barn Instructions

Layout the post hole for a 93″ square and dig the holes 24″ deep.

Set the 4 x 4 x 12 post with two braces on each post (one for each axis).

Pour concrete around the post (do not pour dry concrete mix).

Establish a level mark. Layout the post for wall girts on 24″ center.

Make the high shed wall 8′ tall and the low shed wall 80″ tall. The high shed wall is the main wall.

Nail on the girts and 2 x 8 roof beams.

Cap the roof beams with a 2 x 4 top plate and lay it out on 24″ center.

Scribe a rafter pattern. Saw them and nail them on.

Run the 1 x 4 battens on 24″ center.

See How to Install a Metal Roof for roofing instructions.

Use 1 x 8 red oak for the siding. Leave one gable open. It can also be closed in and have a door, or be partially closed in. The latter two options require more posts.

Small Goat Barn Cross Section of the Framing Detail

Cross section of the framing detail for the small goat barn