Sunroom Cost and Layout Ideas

Learn how to calculate the price for building a sunroom as a room addition using modern layout ideas and design principles. Match the construction of the parent house because a room addition should not look like a room addition. It should look like it was part of the original house layout. Building a sunroom onto a house without trying to match up the original construction will result in a home improvement that will not achieve its fullest potential as  an investment.

Sunroom or Greenhouse

Consider the simplest way to build a sunroom. Start with a slab. Add some posts and cheap greenhouse panels and do not worry about any type of wiring or conventional building techniques. This is in fact much more like a greenhouse. Remember that a sunroom is very different than a greenhouse. Greenhouses are typically built in a fashion that will allow them to sort of pay for themselves within  a certain amount of time with the production of valuable vegetation. A good sunroom will serve not only for a greenhouse, but it will be available to use for practically any other purpose it is needed for. This could be anything from an extra bedroom for an unexpected house guest to a dining room for thanksgiving dinner. A real sunroom has proper HVAC and is wired just like any other room on a house. The purpose for the room will clearly define it as a sunroom or as a greenhouse.

Calculate the Cost for a Sunroom

If no major excavation work is required for the sunroom, then its cost will be similar to the cost of the parent home. There are additional expenses incurred for the attachment of an add on room addition that were not associated with the construction of the original house. This cost is usually pretty close to nullified by the new room having no plumbing. In other words, the cost of the new addition should be about the same as the cost of parent house per square foot. If the original house cost $100 per square foot and is built on a crawl space, then the cost of the sunroom should be about the same with it being built as a crawl space.

Calculating the actual cost for a particular room does however require a little bit more effort. Starting from the ground up (just like the building process) make a line item expense list. Make each line as detailed an accurate as possible. For example:

Line 5 – Framing materials (windows and lumber) = $4300.

Line 6 – Cost for the framing contractor (pay by the square foot) = $900  ($4 per foot X 300 sq. ft.)

These examples are close for this project:

Cost of a Sunroom

Closing Thoughts for Pricing a Sunroom

A sunroom does little good if it is built on the north forcing side of a house. Even if the cost is more for additional excavation expenses, do not build the room where there will be no sunshine.

In most cases, the suppliers and contractors are more than happy to bid on projects. This is how they get work. Ask how long the bid is good for. Bids are usually honored for only about a month. Start with a floor plan and have an architect draw some blueprints. this will give everyone something to work with when they are calculating their bid. There are many projects in Pro barn Plans that outline the entire building process in detail. If you are not familiar enough with the building process to do this, then by all means hire a general contractor even to calculate the cost of a sunroom!