Wood Shed Ideas | Instructions – Blueprints

Wood Shed Ideas include step by step instructions with detailed images. This small building is cheap and easy to build. This design is very flexible. Everything in Wood Shed Ideas can be customized.

The only thing unique about these wood shed ideas that separates them from the other buildings in the how to build a shed category is the extra posts that are necessary for stacking firewood. If a parent building is available to attach this shed to then the best way to go would be the lean to sheds method.

Wood Shed Ideas – Get it Done!

There are several options you need to be aware of when considering these wood shed plans.

  • Trusses or roof rafters is a decision that is entirely up to you. Just remember that trusses are faster and require less experience but are more expensive.
  • Whether you decide on a Wooden floor, concrete floor, or no floor, firewood is heavy and will need solid support.
  • Firewood can exert quite some pressure laterally as well as straight down. To make stacking the firewood much easier, a few extra posts will save you a great deal of time in the long run.
  • At least on ceiling joist is require for these wood shed plans to keep the walls from spreading.
  • A joist beside each rafter is a better construction method.
Wood Shed Ideas

These extra posts are spaced 16″ oc for stacking 12″ – 16″ firewood. This wood shed is 8′ x 16′ for ease of calculating the volume of the firewood. Note: 12″ deep is plenty for the extra post holes.

If you will be using different length firewood, then you should adjust your extra posts accordingly. It also makes very little difference which direction you want to orient your rows of firewood. Just remember, once you set your extra post, it will be too late to change your mind.

It is true that walls and a floor are feasible options. We think it better in most situations to at start with a basic structure and just leave the bare posts exposed for now. Do not forget that without walls some sort of bracing is necessary in order to counter the shear stress it will placed under when the wind blows. “X” bracing works the best. Simply fasten a 2 x 6 from the the top inside corner of the wall and let it run on an angle to the bottom of the next post. Do this for each wall. If you feel this is too long for the bracing. then by all means brace it how you see fit. 3′ long 2 x 6’s going from the band back to a point about 20″ down on the posts is the next best method and looks a little better.