Workplace Safety Concerns

Workplace safety is priority number one. These safety precautions and preparations help reduce the risk of injury or legal issues. No one is exempt from the fact that accidents do happen. No matter the size of your project or the scope of your experience. Remember, when you start a project of your own, it is even more important to understand how important workplace safety is.

Outside building construction creates virtually the same environments as most construction sites. Some of the basic rules concerning workplace safety are:
  • Falls are the number one cause for injury both on the job and off.
  • Be familiar with your tools and obey all warnings.
  • Do not use or allow the use of drugs and/or alcohol on your job.
  • Do not leave any nails sticking up. You will be sorry if you step on one.
  • If you are not comfortable working around heights, do no do it.
You will be digging holes for your post. Post hole diggers or tamping bars are not likely to damage an underground pipe such as a gas line, but they would easily destroy a phone line. Gas lines are tough, but you still don’t want to hit one so to be sure call before you dig 811.
Overhead power lines usually pose no problems for lean to sheds because these sheds are generally not very tall. However, if you find your other shed project anywhere near a power line, then call your power company to be sure. It may be a simple matter of staying away from the line by so many feet.

Unfortunately, there is no section in How to Build a Shed, or How to Build a Barn on how to reattach a finger. All construction projects are dangerous by nature. Hammers, saws, nail guns, and ladders will hurt you if they are not used properly. Here are more important safety tips:

  • Take your time. While time is valuable, there is nothing as valuable as your health.
  • Use a buddy. Whether its your wife or your nine year old daughter, they can make your day much safer (and easier). Remember, you are responsible for their well being.
  • If you do not feel comfortable doing something, then don’t do it! Hire it done if you have to.
These are the first steps in for any of the projects in Pro Barn Plans. Please do not ignore these workplace safety suggestions.

Workplace Safety and Building Permits

Although workplace safety does not technically include legal considerations for your project, they does go hand in hand in your preparation stage and are both often overlooked.

Many counties do not require a building permit for sheds that will serve an agricultural purpose. They do require a permit for commercial applications. Residential use depends on whether or not electrical power will run to the shed. Many counties have similar guidelines, but they are all different. All you have to do is call your governing building inspector to find out for sure.

Property boundaries have set backs you will need to stay within so your building does not violate any regulations. Your local building inspector can point you in the right direction. These set backs are something in the neighborhood of 15′ from other property and 25′ from roads.

Workplace Safety – Closing Thoughts

A little preparation and common sense can go a long way towards keeping your project on course. Accidents and other legal issues are matters you do not want to have to deal with.

The suggestions are merely guidelines for your outside building project. They by no means cover every safety aspect that needs to be addressed. In the end, when you start your outside building project, it is up to you to ensure proper workplace safety.